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Derek Zoolander Center For Children Who Cant Read
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October 2008
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cake. [userpic]

There should be more people in this comm, for real.

Anyway, hello, I love Zoolander. It was one of my most anticipated movies senior year of high school and I saw it (I think) twice in theatres. The second it came out on DVD I forced it upon all my old friends, and new college friends. We all thought it was one of the most hilarious things in history. We still do. I still do. I still quote it all the time. And anyone who appreciates this movie like I do gets major points. ;)

I need an icon though. Where are these fabulous Zoolander icons coming from? 

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Yea, but I'm not sure where to slut this community out ):

Most are from owen_icons

You have permission to whore it in Cookstro. =) Just make some sort of... Zoolander/Cookstro connection. Like who would be Hansel and who would be Derek even though I think the answer's pretty obvious, lol.

LOL I love you <3

And a Zoolander/Cookstro crossover needs to happen

Also, if you search for "promotion" you can find communities to advertise in. I'd also try various Owen/Ben fandoms if they exist. =)

XD thanks, I'll do all that tonight